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Thursday, Sep 3, 2015
What a career! Jim catches up with the now former but once longtime White House Correspondent for CBS News Radio Peter Maer.
Wednesday, Sep 2, 2015
The State Department releases 70,000 more pages of Hillary Clinton emails, and someone has to read them, so thank goodness for investigative reporter Sarah Westwood of the Washington Examiner.
Tuesday, Sep 1, 2015
​Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee talks about his Republican presidential candidacy and looks back 10 years after Hurricane Katrina when his state took in thousands of evacuees.
Monday, Aug 31, 2015
We take a ten year look back at Hurricane Katrina and the city of New Orleans then and now with Col. Joseph Booth, who was a Louisiana State Police critical incident commander at the time Katrina hit.
Friday, Aug 28, 2015
Pollster Patrick Caddell, co-host of Political Insiders on the FOX News Channel, tells how one U.S. Senator may be changing his stance on the Iran nukes deal
Thursday, Aug 27, 2015
We get reaction to the shocking on-air murders of a reporter and cameraman on WDBJ-TV in Roanoke, Virginia from veteran radio and television host Frank Cipolla, a longtime colleague of the station's general manager
Wednesday, Aug 26, 2015
We're watching Wall Street with personal finance expert Terry Savage
Tuesday, Aug 25, 2015
A look at presidential campaign funding with Megan Wilson, reporter at
Monday, Aug 24, 2015
Among those expressing opposition to the Iran nuclear agreement is Michael Pregent, executive director of Veterans Against the Deal
Friday, Aug 21, 2015
Stephani Scruggs, national co-chair of Coalition For a Strong America, tells how China is playing a role in the U.S. economy
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