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Monday, Jul 28, 2014
The tension in Ukraine is the focus as Jim talks with Steven Bucci of the Heritage Foundation
Friday, Jul 25, 2014
Former Congressman Todd Akin, the man at the heart of the 2012 comments concerning 'legitimate rape,' is author of the new book "Firing Back"
Thursday, Jul 24, 2014
"Face The Nation" host Bob Schieffer has a preview of the special "CBS News : 50 Years Later, Civil Rights"
Wednesday, Jul 23, 2014
Let's analyze a pair of contradictory rulings regarding 'Obamacare' with Mark Hemingway, senior writer at
Tuesday, Jul 22, 2014
Thoughts about Ukraine from Paul D'Anieri, Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost of the University of California-Riverside
Monday, Jul 21, 2014
A look at the future of the U.S. space program with former aerospace engineer Homer Hickam
Friday, Jul 18, 2014
Two major foreign policy issues: The downing of a commercial airliner in Ukraine with foreign policy expert James Carafano of the Heritage Foundation and Israel's ground invasion of Gaza with Jed Babbin contributing editor for the American Spectator
Thursday, Jul 17, 2014
Jim and NBC News Space Correspondent Jay Barbree reflect on the 45th anniversary of Apollo 11
Wednesday, Jul 16, 2014
CBS News Senior National Security Analyst Juan Zarate reminds us even with the latest conflict in Israel making headlines, the countries of Iraq and Syria are still in turmoil
Tuesday, Jul 15, 2014
Attorney General Eric Holder raised the issue of race discrimination against him and the President, so the topic is raised with Michael Warren staff writer for the Weekly Standard
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