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Tuesday, Jul 28, 2015
Former President Jimmy Carter has written the memoir "A Full Life: Reflections At Ninety"
Monday, Jul 27, 2015
Thoughts on the Louisiana movie theater shootings from return guest Kevin Mellott, president of
Friday, Jul 24, 2015
Gretchen Carlson of FOX News shares her story in the new memoir "Getting Real"
Thursday, Jul 23, 2015
Some thoughts regarding Donald Trump from commentator Wayne Allyn Root, author of the forthcoming book "The Power of Relentless"
Wednesday, Jul 22, 2015
Mike Gonzalez, senior fellow at the Heritage Foundation and author of "A Race For The Future," shares another aspect of the new era of U.S.-Cuban relations
Tuesday, Jul 21, 2015
We look back on the presidency of George H.W. Bush with his former Chief of Staff John Sununu, author of "The Quiet Man"
Monday, Jul 20, 2015
We observe a noteworthy anniversary with veteran NBC Space Correspondent Jay Barbree, the author of "Neil Armstrong: A Life of Flight"
Friday, Jul 17, 2015
We get reaction to the shootings at the military sites in Chattanooga, TN from security expert Kevin Mellott of
Thursday, Jul 16, 2015
Congratulations to NASA on its successful fly-by of the dwarf planet Pluto; Dr. Curt Niebur is lead program scientist for the agency's New Frontiers program
Tuesday, Jul 14, 2015
A final deal is in the works regarding Iran's nuclear program. We get reaction from Frank Gaffney, founder and president of the Center for Security Policy
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