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Monday, Sep 29, 2014
Catching up with R&B legend Sam Moore (one half of the musical duo Sam & Dave)
Friday, Sep 26, 2014
Attorney General Eric Holder's resignation is the topic of discussion with Hans Von Spakovsky, Senior Legal Fellow at the Heritage Institute
Thursday, Sep 25, 2014
What are the domestic political ramifications of the President's crusade against ISIS? Jim discusses that with David Drucker, Congressional correspondent of the Washington Examiner.
Wednesday, Sep 24, 2014
The U.S. has attacked ISIS on its 'home turf' in Syria. Will the airstrikes be effective? Jim asked military intelligence veteran Frank Wuco.
Tuesday, Sep 23, 2014
An analysis of the recent breaches in security at the White House from former Secret Service agent Dan Emmett, author of "Within Arm's Length"
Monday, Sep 22, 2014
We get an education regarding the Emancipation Proclamation from historian Todd Brewster, author of "Lincoln's Gamble"
Friday, Sep 19, 2014
Investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson has new information regarding Benghazi
Thursday, Sep 18, 2014
David Boaz of the Cato Institute discusses the vote for independence in Scotland
Wednesday, Sep 17, 2014
It's a return to space for the United States, as NASA awards contracts to Boeing and Space X. We learn more from former aerospace engineer Homer Hickam
Tuesday, Sep 16, 2014
Let's talk politics with former Libertarian Party vice presidential candidate Wayne Allyn Root
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