Wednesday, February 17, 2021


We are joined by MICHAEL HARRISON, the owner and publisher of Talker’s Magazine to discuss the life and legacy of the legendary conservative talk show host, Rush Limbaugh. 


Harrison is considered one of the leading authorities on radio, communications, and public opinion as it is expressed in the media as well as being director of the national Talkers Convention. Within the U.S. radio industry, Mr. Harrison has been an innovator and visionary dating back more than four decades to his role as a pioneer of FM progressive album rock. He has written about, defined, predicted or engaged in hands-on programming of major movements in radio’s evolution from coining new format terms to the development of music and talk-topic chart methodology. Among his inventions is the term “AOR” (Album Oriented Rock) which he coined in the early 1970s to describe the more commercially-accessible brand of “progressive rock” or “underground rock” radio that remained a dominant format for more than 40 years. A graduate of Hofstra University, where he currently sits on its Department of Communications Advisory Board, Michael Harrison has served as on-air program director of such heritage stations as WLIR-FM, Long Island; KPRI-FM, San Diego; KMET-FM, Los Angeles and WZLX-FM, Boston. He was also owner/operator of WSPR in Springfield, Massachusetts. He has been an air personality at such major stations as WNEW-FM, New York; WCBS-FM, New York; WPIX-FM, New York; WTIC-AM, Hartford and others. He has hosted and produced national programs syndicated by ABC Radio Networks, Westwood One, CBS Radio, MJI Broadcasting, RKO Radio and more. Harrison served as the first managing editor of Radio & Records during its formative years and radio columnist/record chart consultant for Billboard in the early 1980s. He was one of the first media analysts to predict the rise of podcasting before the term was even widely known, not to mention PD of the first radio station to have its own website. He hosts PodcastOne’s “Up Close and Far Out with Michael Harrison” a weekly podcast geared to “media freaks” around the world. 


Publisher: Tiller Press (December 29, 2020) 

Cultural anthropologist and thought leader Grant McCracken proposes a radical solution for our time of unprecedented scandal: a return to honor. 

What used to be shocking has somehow become the new normal in our politics, workplaces, and universities. Sexual predators stalk interns at work and teenagers abroad. Parents try to buy a place for their kids in college. Pharmaceutical companies refuse to acknowledge the Opioid epidemic they helped create. Banks issue credit cards no one ordered, ruining the credit scores and reputations of thousands. It happens so frequently that we can no longer dismiss these cases as a few bad apples. Clearly, something in the system is rotten. Most Americans are committed to morality. We share basic standards of decency. And yet, we’re becoming inured to scandal and shame, and hopeless about the possibility of change. What if we decided to fight it instead? Grant McCracken has a solution—the revival of an ancient idea called honor. Once the moral compass of millions of people for hundreds of years, it has since fallen out of currency just when we need it the most. Grant looks at honor and dishonor as these are expressed in popular culture and at institutions as diverse as Harvard, PBS, and Wells Fargo. He offers practical guidelines for both organizations and individuals looking to restore moral order to their lives. 

GRANT MCCRACKEN is a cultural anthropologist. He holds a PhD from the University of Chicago. He was the founder of the Institute of Contemporary Culture at the Royal Ontario Museum, and a cofounder of the Artisanal Economies Project. Grant has taught at Harvard, the University of Cambridge, and MIT. He advises a wide variety of companies and individuals, including Google, Netflix, Nike, the Ford Foundation, Kanye West, the Boston Book Festival, and the White House (no, the other one). 


Legendary journalist BILL KURTIS is our guest.

The Lincoln Laureates podcast is a collection of rare conversations with the authors, artists, scientists, and visionaries who have been bestowed with the Order of Lincoln Medallion. “The Lincoln Laureates” represent the most revered Illinoisans through the mission of The Lincoln Academy of Illinois.


(Springfield, IL) What do American composer, pianist, songwriter, singer, and former child piano prodigy Emily Bear, television journalist, television producer, narrator, and news anchor Bill Kurtis, and award-winning author, columnist, and television political commentator George Will have in common? Answer: all three are Lincoln Laureates of the Lincoln Academy of Illinois, and all are featured in the inaugural season of The Lincoln Laureates podcast, set to launch, appropriately enough, on the birthday of the beloved 16th President of the United States, for whom the award is named. The Lincoln Laureates podcast is the Lincoln Academy of Illinois’ way of introducing these honorees to a global podcast audience. The podcast will also serve as an audio textbook that will deepen the value of the honor that Laureates have brought to Illinois,” says Julie Kellner, Executive Director of the Academy. Award winning broadcast journalists Jim Bohannon, Chris Bury, Ron Claiborne, Ann Compton, Mort Crim, and Bill Plante have generously agreed to serve as honorary guest hosts for the podcast’s inaugural season, with Illinois resident and Lincoln Laureate Bill Kurtis agreeing not only to consult on the podcast project but also to serve as the podcast’s announcer. Established by Illinois Governor Otto Kerner in 1964, the Lincoln Academy of Illinois is a statewide organization created to recognize and honor those leaders of today who have contributed to the “Betterment of Humanity”. Honorees are named Laureates of the Academy upon receiving the Order of Lincoln, recognized as Illinois’ highest honor. “Leadership matters,” says Frank Clark, himself a Lincoln Laureate who serves as the current Chancellor of the Academy. “Regardless of who we are, individuals, societies and nations need leadership role models – those whose ethical and principle-centered leadership are driven by the clarity of their commitment to advancing collective purpose towards the benefit of all.” Laureate and past Academy Chancellor Stephanie Marshall adds, “The Lincoln Academy of Illinois honors the ‘Great Citizens of Today’ and celebrates the ‘Great Citizens of Tomorrow’ – knowing that now more than ever before, our state and nation need what Vachel Lindsay famously described as ‘Lincoln-hearted’ men and women.” Conversations with Laureates Bear, Kurtis, and Will kick off The Lincoln Laureates’ inaugural season. Laureates Shelia Crump Johnson, Captain James Lovell, Ryne Sandberg and other famed Laureates will be featured later in the year. The podcast will be promoted across the Lincoln Academy of Illinois social media channels – Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. The Lincoln Laureates podcast will also be available through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and Stitcher, with streaming available through the TuneIn App and via voice command. The Lincoln Laureates is a joint production of The Lincoln Academy of Illinois and EarSight Studios; Lincoln Academy of Illinois’ Executive Director Julie Kellner and Academy Regent Dennis Lyle, Executive Producers; Todd Manley – Supervising Producer.