Wednesday, November 18, 2020


We are joined by COLONEL RANDY LARSEN, US Air Force, retired, co-founder and editor of A GOOD WAR blog and podcast ALSO for 15 years as the national security advisor at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security—a position he has held since 2005 Bio/photo here On to discuss the latest in the race for COVID-19 vaccines.


COLONEL RANDY LARSEN, USAF (Ret) has served for 15 years as the National Security Advisor at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. He previously served as a professor and department chairman at the National War College and the Executive Director of a Congressional Commission … a bi-partisan commission that gave America an “F” grade for lack of pandemic preparedness.  Randy always likes it when I mention he is not just a “pointy-headed academic”.  He also flew 400 combat missions in Vietnam.


JARED DILLAN, Editor of The Daily Dirtnap, Author, columnist, and Host of The Jared Dillian Show is our guest.


JARED DILLIAN is the editor of The Daily Dirtnap, a daily market newsletter for investment professionals, continuously published since 2008. He graduated from the United States Coast Guard Academy in 1996 with a B.S. in Mathematics and Computer Science, and from the University of San Francisco in 2001 with a Masters in Business Administration, concentration in Finance. Jared worked for a small floor market maker on the Pacific Options Exchange from 1999-2000, and was a trader for Lehman Brothers from 2001 to 2008, specializing in index arbitrage and ETF trading. He is also the author of STREET FREAK: Money And Madness At Lehman Brothers, which was named Businessweek’s #1 general business book of 2011, and the novel ALL THE EVIL OF THIS WORLD, published in 2016. Additionally, Jared was an adjunct professor in the business program at Coastal Carolina University. Jared is also a regular contributor at Mauldin Economics, and a columnist at Bloomberg Opinion, and previously contributed to Forbes and His media appearances include MSNBC, Fox Business, Bloomberg TV, BNN, The New York Times, LA Times, Business Insider, Marketwatch, Yahoo! Finance, and dozens of local and syndicated radio programs. He is the host of The Jared Dillian Show, a nationally syndicated radio show on personal finance. In his spare time, Jared is a progressive house DJ and speaks frequently on mental health issues at financial institutions. 


Bestselling Author JOHN E. CRIBB is our guest. 


His book: 

OLD ABE: A NOVEL, by John Cribb (Author)

Publisher: Republic Book Publishers (September 15, 2020)

Old Abe: A Novel recounts the final five years of Abraham Lincoln’s life, the most cataclysmic years of America’s history. Bound to Lincoln’s side, every page of this vivid novel details the President’s struggles. We follow him as national tragedy deepens, as he struggles and presses ahead, and as he comes to life once again fighting to save the country. This story spans from the spring of 1860 in Illinois, to Lincoln’s election and the calamity of the Civil War, to his assassination at the height of his power. During the war, death surrounds him. Lincoln walks the bloody battlefields of Virginia and Maryland. He peers down the Potomac River through a spyglass, searching for approaching Confederate gunboats that reports have warned him of. He feels death stalk him as one summer evening, a would-be assassin fires a shot that passes through his hat. At the White House, he weeps over the body of Willie, his second son to die in childhood. Lincoln tries desperately to hold the Union together, searching for a general who will fight for him. Amid national and personal tragedy, he struggles to find meaning in the war and bring freedom to Southern slaves. Central to this novel is a love story—the story of Abraham and Mary Lincoln’s stormy yet devoted marriage. Mary Todd Lincoln’s strong will and ambition for her husband helped drive him to the White House, but the presidency takes an incredible toll on her. Mary grows increasingly frightened and insecure. Lincoln watches helplessly as she becomes more and more emotionally unstable. He grasps for ways to support her, but finds no remedy strong enough to reverse the damage that has been done. As Lincoln’s journey unfolds, Old Abe probes the relentless character and enduring spirit of America. This story portrays Lincoln not only as a flesh-and-blood man, but a hero who embodies his country’s finest ideals. In the midst of America’s most devastating tragedy, Old Abe captures the challenges and triumphs, the failures and successes, of one of the most famous leaders in U.S. history, who sets a divided country on track to become a great nation of the world.

JOHN CRIBB is a bestselling author who has written about subjects ranging from history to education. His previous work includes coauthoring The American Patriot’s Almanac and The Educated Child, both New York Times bestsellers; co-editing The Human Odyssey, a 3-volume world history text, and developing on-line history courses. John also worked as former U.S. Secretary of Education Bill Bennett’s collaborator on the New York Times #1 bestseller The Book of Virtues. His writing has been published in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, the Chicago Tribune, National Review Online, and several other publications. During the Reagan administration, he worked at the Department of Justice, the Department of Education, and the National Endowment for the Humanities. A native of Spartanburg, SC, John studied literature at Vanderbilt University. He serves on the board of trustees of the Spartanburg County Public Libraries and the board of directors of the Hub City Writers Project, an award-winning publisher of Southern fiction and nonfiction. He and his wife, Kirsten, and are the proud parents of two daughters, Molly and Sarah.