Wednesday, September 2, 2020


More on why some voters are reluctant to reveal their political preference and election 2020 with  RYAN CASSIN, CEO OF Beast Digital, a Dallas-based digital strategy and communications firm.


Cassin is a digital and PR strategist at the intersection of business, politics and technology. Cassin has led digital programs for corporations, non-profits, hedge funds, universities, and political campaigns ranging from legislative caucuses to multimillion-dollar statewide races. Before discovering politics, Cassin began his career at age 14 as a sought-after software developer and is one of the youngest credited developers of the Firefox web browser.


ADAM ANDRZEJEWSKI is CEO & Founder of – one of the largest private databases of government spending in the world. He talks about the federal government’s “use-it-or-lose it spending spree” and other oversight data.


Andrzejewski: “Our mission: ‘Every Dime, Online, In Real Time.’ We’ve captured 5 billion public-sector transactions including 22 million public employee salary and pension records. I’ve spoken on big data journalism at Harvard Law School; Georgetown Law School; and the Columbia School of Journalism. Our work has been featured at major national news platforms such as C-SPAN; Good Morning America and ABC World News Tonight; USA Today; The Wall Street Journal; Chicago Tribune; Forbes Magazine; The Boston Globe; Washington Post; FOX News; CBS News; CNN; Real Clear Politics; and TheHill. My Forbes online columns have over 3 million page views.”