Wednesday, August 26, 2020


Westwood One News Correspondents BOB COSTANTINI and LINDA KENYON join us with live coverage.

SETH DENSON,  President & Co-Founder of GDP Advisors is our guest to discuss the GOP convention, and GOP campaign 2020 challenges with healthcare.


With more than fifteen years of healthcare industry experience, Denson successfully co-founded and leads an international risk management consulting firm specializing in healthcare supply chain management. His TEDx Talk on how consumers should engage with the healthcare system garnered global attention and has led him to be a regular commentator on national media outlets including Fox News, Fox Business, CNN, ABC, NBC & CBS. Dubbed a “modern day Lorax” by one reporter, Seth blends a sophisticated way of thinking with a no-nonsense straight-forward charismatic communication style. In addition to his advocacy platform, Seth also is the founding board member of a national healthcare reinsurance collaborative where he helps guide the future of healthcare for thousands of employees and hundreds of businesses. 


Westwood One News Correspondent CLAYTON NEVILLE joins us live from Dallas. 


 JIM CARAFANO is Vice President of Foreign and Defense Policy Studies at the Heritage Foundation.


Carafano, a leading expert in national security and foreign policy challenges, is The Heritage Foundation’s Vice President, Foreign and Defense Policy Studies, E. W. Richardson Fellow, and Director of the Kathryn and Shelby Cullom Davis Institute for International Studies. Carafano is an accomplished historian and teacher as well as a prolific writer and researcher. His most recent publication is an e-book, “Surviving the End”, which addresses emergency preparedness. He also authored “Wiki at War: Conflict in a Socially Networked World” (Texas A&M University Press, 2012), a survey of the revolutionary impact of the Internet age on national security. Carafano, a 25-year Army veteran with a master’s and doctorate from Georgetown University, joined Heritage in 2003 as a senior research fellow in homeland security and missile defense.