Tuesday, July 21, 2020


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Representative Long joins us to talk about a number of issues including chaos in the streets, police reform, the upcoming 2020 election, Coronavirus and some bills he’s proposing including a bridge on bull creek in his district and legislation aimed to strengthen broadband Internet access in rural areas as emphasis is placed on on-line learning. Congressman Long sits on the House Energy and Commerce Committee where he serves on three crucial subcommittees: Communications and Technology, Health, and Environment and Climate Change. Among his several legislative priorities for the 116thCongress, these are a few he is currently been working on:

  • Protecting Table Rock Lake homeowners

In April, Congressman Long introduced H.R.2132 – legislation aimed to protect homeowners on Table Rock Lake from being forced to remove existing structures due to the Army Corps of Engineers boundary lines changing over time.

  • Reducing Diesel Emissions  

In March, Congressman Long and Congresswomen Doris Matsui introduced H.R. 1767 – legislation to reauthorize the Diesel Emissions Reduction Program, which provides grants for replacing older and dirtier diesel engines with cleaner American-made technology, making them up to 90% more energy efficient.

  • Stopping Bad Robocalls 

In July, Congressman Long and his colleagues on the Energy and Commerce Committee worked to bring H.R. 3375 (Stopping Bad Robocalls Act) to the House floor – legislation that expands protections for consumers, increases the length of time the FCC can catch illegal robocallers and allows the federal government to issue penalties up to $10,000 per violation. The Stopping Bad Robocalls Act recently passed the House by an overwhelming majority.

  • Rural Broadband Deployment

In July, Congressman Long introduced H.R. 3869 (Internet Exchange Act of 2019) – legislation aimed to strengthen Internet access in rural and other underserved areas by promoting more Internet Exchanges across the country.

Congressman Long is working with Congressman Donald McEachin, Congressman Dave Loebsack, and Congressman Bob Latta on legislation to provide more accurate maps on where broadband is and isn’t – a critical tool in closing the digital divide.

  • Suicide Prevention 

In July, Congressman Long and Congressman Emanuel Cleaver introduced H.R. 3778 – legislation that would give states funds for emotional wellbeing, mental health and suicide prevention training for school personnel in elementary and secondary schools.


DEAN L. FANELLI, Ph.D., Partner At Seyfarth Shaw LLp and an expert on pharmaceutical technologies joins us.

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Fanelli’s experience includes transactional, patent, and FDA or regulatory law. Clients look to Dean for his proficiency in pharmaceutical patent litigation under the Hatch-Waxman Act in developing Paragraph IV litigation strategies and biosimilar market assessment, patent identification, and litigation strategy. Dean also has significant experience with the interplay between patent and FDA laws under the Hatch-Waxman Act. Dean’s practice spans the chemical, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology industries.. Dean’s experience with the pharmaceutical and chemical technologies includes work with new chemical entities, pharmaceutical formulations, polymers, diagnostics, and medical devices. He also regularly handles IP issues attendant to mergers and acquisitions, and financing for life sciences companies.


REED ALLMAND is a Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney at Allmand Law Firm. He discusses the financial strain the pandemic has put on higher institutions of learning as many are faced with cutbacks, declining enrollment and other challenges as we approach the fall semester.

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Allmand is a Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. A common misconception is that bankruptcy is caused by incurring more debt than can be repaid. However, most bankruptcy clients previously had excellent credit and income to support their purchases until a catastrophic event such as a loss of job, illness, or divorce occurred. And that is exactly where Weldon “Reed” Allmand steps in. An experienced consumer bankruptcy attorney at Allmand Law Firm with locations in Hurst, Dallas, and McKinney, he is on a self-proclaimed mission to help people through bad financial times by helping them save their assets and get out of debt for good. Amid the economic turmoil, Allmand offers hope and tangible relief to financially ailing clients, allowing them to avoid devastating losses.